Pierre THOME

*1960, Luxembourg

Pierre Thomé was born in 1960 in Luxembourg. As a fifteen-year-old, he published his first cartoons in the Républicain Lorrain and after an aberration via the ETH in Zürich, further publications followed in various underground magazines. For nine years as a perennial student at the Art Academy of Stuttgart, he worked part time as a caricaturist and illustrator for Stadtmagazin - a mix of cultural and political information - and finally got his first degree as an art teacher.

The first issue of the magazine Strapazin was published by Pierre in Munich, the second in Zürich. Strapazin is today - and this has to be said - the independent comic magazine that has survived the longest in whole Europe. Pierre continued publishing - increasingly better paid - in international magazines and newspapers.

In 1989, he graduated in visual communication, class of Heinz Edelmann, with the absurd comic album Action Eugen und das Geheimnis seiner Herkunft. Subsequently, he worked for several years as an independent illustrator, always on the fence between money and art. Occasionally, he published children’s books, most recently Guten Tag, Danke und auf Wiedersehen together with Andrej Usatschow, published by Nord-Süd. He also draws cartoons for a weekly newspaper.

Since 2002, Pierre is head of the study programme “Illustration” of the “Haute école d’art et design” in Luzern. He has a second job as editor of beautiful books like Denken in Bildern, published in 2014 by Applaus-Verlag and lastly Zeichner als Reporter published 2016 by Christian Merian. The next project Zeichnen als Sprache is in the making, but perhaps there will be something completely different in the end.